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Services :
  • All machines are 100% tested prior to loading to guarantee full compliance to the published specifications. We assure that quality management system used in design, production and testing to meet the highest standards. Arc Weld's commitment to quality is supported by 1-year product warranty & after that un-matched sales service.

  • Most machines on website are normally available ex-stock and can be loaded same day from our factory. On the other hand specialty machines can be made and sent in 7-10 days on confirmation of order by the buyer.

  • Our experienced team of application engineers is always ready to answer any question concerning the 'Arc Weld' Products, from product specification to applicable safety standards. We are pleased to help customers to select the best products for a specific application. The requested sample components can be accepted for weld trial and are given back. A support section on web provides many useful documents of Technical details, Description, Circuit diagrams, Installation diagrams, Manuals, Compatibility guide, Formulas and Spare part guidelines etc. to serve better for decision makers, developers, maintenance engineers and operators.

  • Arc Weld bonds to get latest & advanced technology from all over the world to perform best ever. In this view we are always in touch with latest & new innovations in Industry and continuously update our products, as it's required. Arc Weld have the group of most experienced engineer's to create and modify our products and develop new ones. Today, the semiconductor Industry grows and changes very rapidly. Our engineers are always in touch with world's most leading companies and regular update our products with new advanced components.

  • All our machines execute higher class of safety rules, By making the products using fire retardant wires and insulating material of high dielectric strength, which minimize the risk of shock and fire. All the machines exhibit >10M Ohm insulation test at 2500 Volts which is much grater than the conventional test made by 500 Volts and the IP rating is 21 or better. As we think it's enough to emulate the IDEAL Machine.