Salient Features :

  • Totally indigenous machine for MMA & TIG welding.
  • High quality integrated electric Power source to suit Indian climate &working condition(Temp, humidity, dust, voltage fluctuations.)
  • The machine is protected against overload input supply.
  • Assuring good arc stability for almost spatter less X-ray quality welding.
  • The equipment is protected against excessive heating with indications.
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MOSFET based Light Weight Welding Machines
MODEL 160 ST 160 ST HF

Single Phase 230V 50HZ 230V 50HZ
Three Phase    
Input Phase 4.6Kw 4.6Kw
Current Range 3-160A 3-160A
Duty Cycle 160A 35% 160A 35%
125A 60% 125A 60%
115A 100% 115A 100%
Insulation H H
Weight 9 kg 15 kg
Dimension (L*w*H)mm 150*357*320 180*360*410